Friday, 27 June 2008

De-stash Time

I have not been knitting much in recent months. I seem to have lost my drive and enthusiasm towards both my shrugs and knitting in general. I have recently found out that I am pregnant with my third child. It took me back 4 years to when I first started knitting - I was pregnant with my daughter and had trouble finding a warm cover-up that was both fashionable but also practical. Hence the birth of Amanda Williams Designs. I now have a similar yearning for a cover up that is not going to make me look like I am wearing my grandfathers cardi.

I have started knitting myself a wonderful short sleeved shrug in 100% angorra. Its so soft and beautiful I cant wait to finish it. As a result I have been trawling through my yarns and having a good old sort out. I have got quite a little pile of yarns that I won't get round to knitting up so I have decided that it may find a better home somewhere else. I have listed a load of yarns on my ebay shop so someone will get a really good deal somewhere. I have also decided to shut up my etsy shop as I dont seem to have any inclination to knit any more shrugs. I still a bag full o shrugs that still need to be photographed and put into the shop, I must do this as I only have 4 shrugs left in the shop. Maybe I will pick up my needles and start knitting again for others soon - I hope so I have so much yarn that needs something doing with.