Saturday, 26 May 2007

Shout Out for Sakura

Well I promised some time ago that I intended to feature a fellow etsy er on my blog from time to time. I have given this a lot of thought and as there are so many fab UK sellers on Etsy my work was cut out for me.

I chose Sakura Fubuki Designs. I love her jewellery and her style is just so me!

I am coveting lots of her jewellry but this one in particular has caught my eye. I love the beads and the turquoise and pearls. I want it! She recently made it for a craft fair and I hoped that she didnt sell it. Unfortunately for her she didn't but for me it means that I can now live in hope that it will very soon be adorning my neck! I just need a couple of etsy sales to fill up my paypal and job done!

The way she describes her pieces is great, you really feel that you need to own what she is describing almost as though she wrote it for me -( she did I know it.)

On top of being really talented she is also very lovely, very kind and thoughtful to us other UK sellers. So thank you Sakura - and please dont sell my necklace!

Stow-on-the-Wold Craft Fair

I was recently lucky enough to be offered a stall at a craft fair in Stow on the Wold. I thought that this would be a great springboard for my 1st craft fair of 2007 as it was a busy place with lots of tourists arriving by the bus load. Well, yes! they did arrive by the busload, however they all forgot to come to the fair. At one time I think the most customers in the hall was 8. None of us even covered to the cost of the fair with our sales. A really disappointing day was had by one and all!

On the plus side I sat all day and ate and chatted and knitted. I made a complete shrug in the time I sat there. Just need to sell it now!

Saturday, 12 May 2007

My First Knit for me Hands off!!

This is the first thing I have ever knitted for myself and one which I plan to keep too! Usually I knit something and some one says they like it and then it ends up being sold or given away. NOT this time.

This yarn is lovely and heavy with an almost Boa like texture to the wool. Yummy cant wait to wear it.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Its May

Well its May already and I have a list of things to do this month.

I have two orders that have been generated via my Etsy shop and a craft fair in Stow on the Wold that I cannot seem to get any shrugs knitted for. The craft fair is the first one of the year for me and my stock levels are at an all time low, so needless to say I am beginning to panick now with only 2 weeks to go.

The orders I have are both to American ladies and although won't take me that long to knit will hold up my knitting for the craft fair. The one shrug is a lovely tangerine colour and contains angorra and a lycra based yarn that makes it both soft and fitted. I was planning to have one for myself but have just used the last of the yarn for the order. The second order is a 100% cotton yarn and is for Erin - the below post. The yarn is lovely and rich to work with and falls beautifully. Again I planned to use this yarn for a shrug for myself but again have selflessly given it over for Erin.

The latter part of the month will be taken up with the Hay Festival and school holidays amd hopefully more orders!

My other plans for the month include trying to update my blog more often. I have had an idea to feature a fellow seller from the Uk Etsy group as yet this is still a plan that needs sorting. Watch this space though I will get it done by the end of May!!

I also want to expand on my other passion which is photography. At the moment I take photos for pleasure but want to get into selling them. My bug bear is that I can't stand the thought of using photoshop or such things. What happened to the days when taking a photo relied on skill rather than computer knowledge! Call me old fashioned but I like to see the raw photograph, not only do you get the photographers perspective but you can really see the naked thing!

I am planning to get my prints onto postcard and greeting cards at some point but this is costly and time consuming and the shrugs are pulling me in that direction at the moment.