Friday, 27 June 2008

De-stash Time

I have not been knitting much in recent months. I seem to have lost my drive and enthusiasm towards both my shrugs and knitting in general. I have recently found out that I am pregnant with my third child. It took me back 4 years to when I first started knitting - I was pregnant with my daughter and had trouble finding a warm cover-up that was both fashionable but also practical. Hence the birth of Amanda Williams Designs. I now have a similar yearning for a cover up that is not going to make me look like I am wearing my grandfathers cardi.

I have started knitting myself a wonderful short sleeved shrug in 100% angorra. Its so soft and beautiful I cant wait to finish it. As a result I have been trawling through my yarns and having a good old sort out. I have got quite a little pile of yarns that I won't get round to knitting up so I have decided that it may find a better home somewhere else. I have listed a load of yarns on my ebay shop so someone will get a really good deal somewhere. I have also decided to shut up my etsy shop as I dont seem to have any inclination to knit any more shrugs. I still a bag full o shrugs that still need to be photographed and put into the shop, I must do this as I only have 4 shrugs left in the shop. Maybe I will pick up my needles and start knitting again for others soon - I hope so I have so much yarn that needs something doing with.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Ludlow Craft Fair

This weekend I am attending the craft fair at Ludlow Assembly Rooms. This will be the 3rd year that I have attended and this year I have been fortunate enough to have been chosen as the "face of the craft fair", well actually its not my face but that of my shrugs. A photograph of one of my shrugs is on the flyer's, the posters advertising the fair and the website too!! How lucky am I??

Take a look at the Assembly Rooms website to see for yourself. If you're around then drop in, I have been knitting like crazy and have added many different styles of shrugs than in recent years and due to popular demand I have put together a knitting pack to make a lovely chunky scarf, which will include wool, pattern and needles and if that's not enough to get you going then wait until you see my lovely gift bags for the whole pile of goodies to go in - think Christmas presents, think of yourself! Go on you know you want to!

Come and say hi if you're passing.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Kathys shrug

A little while ago (about two posts down the page) I posted some yarn for Kathy to choose for a shrug.

Will its finally finished and ready for posting to her over in the US! Heres a little picture of how it turned out before I pack it up.

The yarn is a lovely mix of silk and pure wool and has knitted up a dream. It is so soft but still lovely and warm. Perfect for the autumn that is hurtling towards us.

So thank you Kathy, I hope that you will be pleased with it!

Thursday, 2 August 2007

My knitting pattern challenge

This was a real challenge for me. I was asked to submit a pattern of a shrug for the Yarn Forward autumn magazine. The challenge was to come up with a totally new design that could be used, knit the shrug and then write the pattern. Challenge indeed!

Anyway this is the final result and as I said the pattern will be in the Autumn mag!!

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

For Kathy

These yarns are for Kathy! She is choosing a yarn for a shrug but is unsure of the colour to choose.

Well Kathy heres the choice so far!

This is a lovely and soft yarn called Soft tweed. It is a lovely pinky beige and is a mix of wool, viscose and silk. It has slubs of a pale delicate blue running along the length of the yarn and is baby soft against the skin. This is also available in a pale blue colour.

The final choice so far is a 100% cotton yarn also in a beachy blue colour. Great for the summer (if your lucky enough to have a summer)

I'll keep you posted on the choice Kathy goes for and a piccie of the final shrug once it is complete.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Hello Australia!!!

I have had my first en
quiry from Australia! Danielle is interested in
my Biggy Print Shrugs. I always think the photos don't do them justice. The feel and weight of these lovelies cannot be portrayed in a photo. Danielle if you decide to go ahead with a purchase you won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Latest addition

This is my latest addition to the Amanda Williams Collection. I am torn between finishing off an order I have and writing a pattern which I have been asked to submit to knit forwards autumn magazine! I am very excitied about this but also extremely nervous. I have struggled to follow patterns all my life and so this is a really big challenge. Anyway before undertaking any of the above I couldn't resist finishing off this lovely shrug which is knitted in Rowan Biggy Print. The photo doesn't do it any justice the colours are wonderful, pink and blues. I will be sorry to see this one go. It will soon be featured in the Etsy Shop.