Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Yarn for Erin

This is a post for Erin.

She is wondering about ordering a custom designed shrug but at the moment is undecided about the yarn as she has a sensitivity to wool.

The yarn pictured is a 100% cotton yarn from Rowan and is a delicious shade of raspberry.

If you would like further details of my shrugs or the yarns that I use feel free to get in touch!

Sunday, 22 April 2007

For Nia!!

This post is for Nia my best customer!!!

I have recently bought a new camera for myself and find that my computer is toooo slow in downloading the photos because the files are so big. Anyway I have been unable to send these pics of my latest work to the lovely Nia ( you will know her if you see her, she is always wearing a shrug!).

If Nia doesn't want these shrugs then they will be for sale on my etsy shop later this week.

Details: The beige shrug is knitted using a yarn made by Jaegar and is cashmere based. It is wonderfully soft and fluid yarn and I love it!!

The aqua shrug is knitted using a yarn by Rowan and is cotton based. It looks as though it has a gold leaf print and it is glitzy and fun great for the summer.

Take a look at the shop at

Nia I am sorry for the fact that my camera is the most up to date and my computer is like something that Noah threw out of the Ark for being soooo slow!

Can I also take this opportunity to apologise for the state of Betty's chest. She had a terrible accident recently, the wind took us both by surprise and as she is seriously lacking in arms her poor chest took the full force of the fall and therefore she is now known as Berty!!


Tuesday, 17 April 2007

10 things about me!

Along with fellow UK etsyers I have been tagged by the lovely Sakura to reveal 10 things about me. Thought I should add a photo too (yew, I hate photos of me)

Not sure I am that interesting but here goes:-

1. I came 2nd in the Welsh Eisteddfodd playing a piano recital when I was 10.

2. I have a profound fear of height. 4 years ago on a holiday to Turkey I parascended from 2000 feet! The instructor was so amazed that I did it (was suffering with wobbly legs and the inability to talk at the time) that I went again for FREE!!! Never been up in a lift since!!!!!??

3. I almost gave birth to my second child in a store room on the antenatal ward (don't ask what I was doing there)

4. I once drank a whole bottle of southern comfort and vomitted all over the house - not so bad but my parents were hosting a dinner party at the time.

5. I passed my driving test 1st time having only had lessons from my Dad yay for my Dad!

6. I will be 40 in 9 months and am soooo not looking forward to it!

7. I have delivered 89 babies.

8. Alan Titchmarsh brushed against my plants at Gardeners World Live 2 years ago. They are all doing well!

9. I met the queen when I was 8.

10. Up until 2 years ago I did not know how to knit.

See I told you I have nothing interesting to say. Right who is next to be tagged.